You might go “All-IN” on becoming Vegan. Or, you might choose to alter your diet a few days a week or phase in over time. ANYTHING is commendable.  I want this site to be an area to give you ideas, resources, inspiration, ease of vegan dieting and more.  I have found that as people make changes such as this to their lives that they know are TRULY life changing, they are typically open to other areas of change in their lives as well. So, this site will also talk about other areas of your life: Meditation, Working Out, How To’s, and many more.  I welcome and want your feedback.  I am CONSTANTLY in a state of learning and welcome you to learn with me and everyone else here and share with all of us.  I look forward to being your Vegan TourGuide on your journey.

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Beyond Veeg

Power Up Your Brain With Glucose

So, I leaned on my great friend, Mark Clackum, one that truly knows much about anything, especially since he literally…

All Things Veeg

Ok, here is an article that I hope helps many people. I have had the nasty effects of Diabetes hit…

Living the Vegan Lifestyle

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