Dawn’s Journey to “Radicalizing Wellness”


Dawn Hilton-Williams stopped by the Plant-Based Tourguide Podcast and told us her amazing journey to going plant-based. What you’ll find out is that when Dawn decides to make a change in life, she goes ALL-IN, including drastically altering her business in order to follow her passion. You can check out the podcast with Dawn via the following link or on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, you name it.


Dawn has now created a phenomenal conference that she does multiple times per year called: Eat Drink and Disrupt and you can find out more on her website (also PACKED with great information!) at http://www.Herban-Eats.com and here is also a link to a video showing you some highlights of her Greenville, SC event: https://youtu.be/atlwLEyLwzs The conference was AWESOME and I highly advise seeing where her conferences will be this year and attending one!

Dawn wanted to continue to spread knowledge and good food, so she created her book: Flava My Plate which you can pick up on Amazon. It was awesome having Dawn on the podcast and I know you will get a LOT out of her interview, loaded with her stories and health based information along with ofcourse taste based information as well!


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