Giacomo Marchese aka “The Muscles By Brussels”


Giacomo Marchese aka “The Muscles by Brussels” joined us on the recent VeganTourGuide Podcast Edition and shared the insight to what led him to his transition to Plantbased – Vegan.  He breaks down for us what it was like to shift his body to this new state, while being a seasoned competitive bodybuilder and fitness beast! Check out our show:

Giacomo is yet another person who DESTROYS the mere notion that strength and an incredible physique can’t be attained on a Plantbased – Vegan regimen. Check out these pics:



We are often asked about recommendations for supplements and so here are supplements that Giacomo

posted on his website to add to the knowledge of others:

Sunwarrior Sprouted Brown Rice Protein – Vanilla flavor
PlantFusion Protein – Cookies n Creme flavor

VegaOne – Berry Flavor
PlantFusion Phood – Vanilla Flavor
Sunwarrior Ormus Greens
Vega Pre Workout Energizer – Acai Berry Flavor
EFX PH Buffered KreAlkalyn Powder
Vega Maca VegiCaps
Vega Chlorella Tablets
Deva DHA Omega-3 Capsules
Pure Vegan B12 Spray
GHT Vitamin D3

Giacomo was the Co-Founder of PlantBuilt which is a collection of Vegan Athletes of all types around the globe, here is their Mission Statement:

Accomplishing elite levels of strength, health, and wellness, is an extension of our compassion for life. Our lifestyle requires physical effort beyond our normal capacity, furthermore is the use of proper nutrition, rest, and mental well being. None of these require the destruction of animals . As a collective (PlantBuilt) we live, train, compete, and educate in our communities, showing the success of compassionate Veganism.

Check out the website for PlantBuilt Here

Giacomo also has an awesome podcast: “Muslce By Brussels Radio” that covers a multitude of topics relating to fitness, working out, tips, challenges and how to overcome and much more to give you great knowledge and information.  Check out his podcast Here

Giacomo also offers coaching to clients, so you can now have a champion level vegan athlete teach you how to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. Check out Coaching Here

Many thanks to Giacomo for stopping by the VeganTourGuide Podcast and for sharing his knowledge and ALL that he does to promote knowledge and information to everyone!


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