Hampton Creek just kicked the door in on the Egg Industry


Hampton Creek has been a game changer in the food world for quite some time, with it’s initial Just Mayo product that was a plantbased mayonnaise replacement product and now they are REALLY making strides with their new Egg Replacement product: Just Scramble

Other companies have been trying to create “egg replacement” products and some create products that can be used in baking as the “egg replacement” in creating a cake for instance and some have tried to create them to be prepared individually, however the problem continued to be taste and appearance and ease of use, especially when targeting large scale eating such as cafeterias, corporations, etc.  Well, as Bruce Friedrich of Good Foods Institute states when talking about a previous “egg substitute”: “it doesn’t cook like eggs and it takes longer to cook“, Hampton Creek with Just Scramble has solved this problem.  It comes in liquid form and is prepared just like traditional eggs, scrambles like traditional eggs, and tastes just like traditional eggs. 

This is a HUGE breakthrough because many products that have come to market to “replace” it’s animal based counterpart product always rely on the “it tastes close and you’re doing a great thing for the environment and animals, so please buy it” approach.  Yes, this is a strategy that will work to a certain extent (I count myself included in the group that will sacrifice a certain degree of taste if I know I’m doing great things for animals and the environment with my choice) however as Hampton Creek CEO, Josh Tetrick stated:

We don’t want people to choose what we do to save the environment or animals. We would never change the system if we did that.”

I love this statement from Josh and agree 100%.  When the goal is to make an incredible product that tastes great and is readily available and easy to use, people will use it.  The “side results/benefits” that it is a product that helps animals, the environment and our health, is ofcourse AWESOME, however if we really want to see these products succeed, I believe the philosophy has to be that of Josh’s.  I mean we know there are MANY people that know about the bad side effects of certain foods to themselves, environment, etc, however if they’re not presented with an equal or better alternative, they’re not changing their ways, period.

So, everyone get ready and keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of Hampton Creek’s Just Scramble product in a store near you soon.

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