Jon Camp: The Humane League’s World Record Holder


It is said that repetition is the key to success, well Jon Camp, the Vice President of Grassroots for the Humane League, has DEFINITELY knocked it out of the park when it comes to repetition.  Jon currently holds the world record for handing out over ONE MILLION fliers all over the country and we even discuss his technique for handing out fliers during our podcast together on the VeganTourGuide.  Jon shares his insights on how he’s been successful at spreading knowledge and information about the Humane League and it’s goals with people and offers his advice for those seeking to do the same.

Jon’s journey to being involved with the Humane League and turning his passion for animals and their welfare into his life calling began when he was young.  Jon recalls when he was young eating dinner and looking over at his dog, Mandy, and a feeling hit him, causing him to question why the family loved and cared for Mandy yet the family had no problems eating other animals for food, simply because they weren’t a dog.  The conclusion Jon came to was that this wasn’t fair and his path towards activism for animals began.

Even the largest of corporations are no match for a well organized army of activists.  We can do so much good for animals by using our grassroots force to create institutional change.

Jon and I discussed the different ways someone can get involved with helping animals and the Humane League.  A great place to start is Humane League Site and you can find great information on programs here, local campus groups to become involved or find out about their national volunteer program for people that aren’t living close to a Grassroots Office City.  You can also get involved with the 88% Campaign Link focusing on the impact of chickens and factory farming and get involved with Prevent Cruelty CA which is organized to work hard on getting a measure put on the November 2018 Ballot to alleviate the extreme confinement of farm animals.  You can also get involved with Fast Action Network which gives great ways for you to be involved utilizing just a few minutes a day and the power of technology and social media.  You can also reach out to Jon personally by emailing him at: and he will be more than willing to assist in steering you in the right direction to help you make an impact.

So, be sure to reach out to Jon and follow him and everything going on at The Humane League as they continue to all work hard for the animals and in doing so set World Records aimed at creating better lives for the animals and our world.



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