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When you start talking with John Oberg, you can tell right away that he isn’t exactly the type of person to just sit still watching life’s events pass him by, especially when the events he’s watching unfold involve cruelty to animals.  As you open up the home page for the Humane League Click Here , you instantly see: “Empowering Change. Driving Progress. We are working relentlessly to reduce animal suffering through grassroots education to change eating habits and corporate campaigns to reform farm animal treatment.”   and as you hear John talk, you’ll see that he is laser focused 100% on that mission!  John gives much of the credit to his compassion for animals and subsequent path in life that has led him to the Humane League to his mother pictured above with him.

John set out to make a difference in the lives of animals and chose a career path that has led him to being the Director of New Media for the Humane League aka the “Social Media Master”!  Indicative of someone who isn’t going to sit idly by, John jumped right into his new role and in just a short time has EXPLODED the Social Media Presence to over 600,000 Facebook Followers and over 60,000 on Instagram!  He now has sixteen (16) awesome and motivated interns spread out all over the place to help carry out the Humane League’s message and reach more and more people.  John and his incredible team are putting up Superman type results to increase the magnitude of spreading the message for the Humane League!

The following quote by John was one of my favorite that we discussed during our podcast conversation:

When advocating for animals, we need to win hearts and minds, not arguments and debates

John carries a message to everyone to get people to understand what is going on, feel the effects of what is going on and in doing so seek to “win the hearts and minds” and not go down a path of “win the war at all cost” because as we discussed, you might go away feeling vindicated in lambasting someone for their current views (note I said current because views can change and often do with KNOWLEDGE) however what is really gained when that person now just digs deeper into their current belief system because of pain or anger from the lambasting?

John is like me in that he gradually went to a plantbased – vegan lifestyle, vegetarian first, cutting things out of his life and then in 2009 he went to a full plantbased – vegan lifestyle.  He and I discussed this because we both feel that many people often feel pressured to make “overnight changes” and alter their eating habits immediately and we both feel for most people, this is very hard and often a recipe for ultimate failure.  As John & I discussed during our talk, it’s great if someone adopts plantbased – vegan overnight, however if it is such a hard thing to do and 42 days later, they are back to their original way of eating, we’ve missed the benefits of the longterm change and so it’s more acceptable to “meet people where they are at” and give them knowledge, information, strategies, recipes, motivation, etc to make the change and if it takes time BUT it’s permanent, then that is the ultimate best scenario.  




Fast Action Network Click Here is a way to spend just a few minutes a day helping the Humane League continue to spread their knowledge and information and leverage our network to reach more and more people and save more and more animals.

88% Campaign Click Here get more information about the fact that over Nine (9) BILLION farm animals every year in the US are raised and killed for food and how you can become involved to help.

The Humane League Click Here

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Many thanks to John for coming on and sharing the details of his journey and sharing his knowledge!


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