Renee Demarsh: Her Marathon Journey For Herself and Her Kids


Renee Demarsh likes challenges.  As a school teacher, she also likes to challenge her kids and teach them the importance of setting goals for themselves.  We all know that it is always best to lead by example, so that is exactly what Renee is doing: She has set herself a goal and showing her kids how important it is to follow through.  Ofcourse, this isn’t just any “ordinary goal”, not for Renee, she has set a BIG Goal!  You see, Renee signed up for the World Marathon Challenge: Click Here which consists of: Seven (7) Marathons on Seven (7) Continents in Seven (7) days, yes you read that correctly!  She will be participating in this challenge January 30th to February 5th of next year.  She joined me in the latest VeganTourGuide podcast episode to talk about this challenge:

Renee credits changing to her Plantbased – Vegan regimen with a boost to her running performance.  She recovers much quicker and she even noted that when she ran a race recently at fifty (50) years old, she actually beat her time by twelve (12) minutes from when she ran it in her thirties!  Her father had a heart attack at fifty (50) and so when she was approaching fifty (50) her health and making sure it was optimal health was a big factor on her mind and so that was a big “WHY” for her going to a Plantbased – Vegan life.  She loves the fact that she doesn’t have to do any type of “special eating change or race diet” to train, she just eats what she always eats versus a lot of other people doing these types of physical events find they have to alter their eating leading up to this type of event to make sure they have the proper nutrients.  Renee loves to take in: Whole Wheat Pasta, Quinoa, Greens, Rice and Beans and usually starts her mornings off with Oatmeal with a banana and some apple juice on top.

Check Out the Seven (7) Different Stops for the Adventure!


Renee stays involved in many ways: as mentioned before, she’s a teacher and so she stays plenty busy teaching her kids and coaching a couple soccer teams, however for added measure, she teamed up with a friend to start a running club that now has over one hundred and fifty (150) kids meeting twice a week to run and then if that’s not enough, she is involved with the great organization: Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Click Here to Find Out More About Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Renee created a website to give people more information about what on Earth this awesome cool goal that she set for herself is all about and also to tell everyone a little more about WHY she’s doing this.  Please take the time to visit and support Renee via her website: Click Here For Renee’s Site  , donate what you can, every little bit adds up and in this case, Renee is working on getting it to all add up for a great lesson for the kids about goal setting and believing in themselves, helping out Big Brothers and Big Sisters and helping pave the track for her running program.  Renee Demarsh is what we need more of in the world today: someone who puts others above self and seeks to make a difference in the lives of all the young children that look up to her and teach them the importance of believing in themselves.  Thank you Renee!



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