Gabriella Luisa: Her Incredible Journey of Transformation to the Big Stage


Gabriella Luisa has an incredible story of her journey that she shared on the latest VeganTourGuide podcast of that culminates with her transformation and ultimately her “big stage”.  You see, Gabriella was very “body conscious” of her weight and appearance and wanted to do something about that and then she had two (2) things happen: a major event: the passing of her father from health related issues and the chance encounter with some “Vegans” while on holiday in Australia.  You mix in these two (2) above things and sprinkle in a big dash of motivation and you get INCREDIBLE results:



You can see from these pictures the incredible transformation that Gabriella had with her body, however when you listen to her on the podcast, you’ll recognize that she wants the true results and victories to come from people seeing what she achieved and knowing that they can achieve it too, or as she states: “I want people to see that if I can do it, ANYONE can do it!” Listen to our podcast together to hear HOW she did everything: 

So, you can see from the photos, that Gabriella had an amazing transformation, however when you hear her talk on the podcast, you will hear that her true inspiration is in helping others achieve what she has achieved.  She is incredibly humble and I love that because the world is in desperate need of more people like her.  She just wants to share her victories with others so they can feel the same elation that she did.  She is so committed to all things plantbased – vegan that she started a company that ONLY deals with assisting Vegans: Click Here to See Her Company and she also is a personal trainer to help others achieve her results. 

I mean, you see the timeline photos, now understand that at the strong urging of other people in the gym, she enters a bikini contest and takes SECOND (2nd) place (remember this is her first EVER contest) and then after subsequent contests, she qualifies for the British Bikini Finals!  (Can I yet again comment on how incredibly humble she is about all these accolades). 

She started a website you must go check out: Her Fitness Website that offers you the step by step information for how she achieved her transformation and how she can guide you along this same path.  All you have to do is look at the pictures ABOVE and then look at the competition photos BELOW to realize that Gabriella has totally transformed herself and when you listen to her in our interview, you will hear in her voice that her passion is to help you too!


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