Eddie Garza: A Very BUSY Man on a Mission


Eddie Garza, Senior Manager of Food and Nutrition for the Humane Society of the United States is a BUSY man on a mission. He is busy on TV with shows like Telemundo, Univision, Fox News, CNN and others, he is busy making appearances at Vegan Festivals and Health Events, he is busy flying from destination to destination working with different organizations, and most importantly: Eddie is busy on his mission of spreading the incredible message about the many benefits of a Plantbased – Vegan life and how it impacts so many areas of life.


Eddie’s personal journey to a Plantbased – Vegan life included losing One Hundred and Fifty (150) pounds when he switched, this number was so significant to Eddie that when he wrote his book: Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook he included One Hundred and Fifty (150) recipes.  Click Here for more info on Eddie’s Book Eddie is committed to finding healthier ways to enjoy Mexican food fare without animal ingredients and so this book does just that.  One thing Eddie said during our podcast together:

I don’t want to take things away (traditional meals with meat), I want to create a demand for it vegan that’s a BETTER version of it.

Eddie works a lot with schools and other organizations on finding ways to introduce plantbased – vegan dining options into their cafeterias. When asked how he has been so successful in introducing and subsequently maintaining these new menu items, Eddie explained that he likes to get to know the demographics of the location he’s going to and then he takes popular menu items for those areas and uses his creativity and skills to “veganize” the dishes and introduces plantbased – vegan foods this way.  Pure and simple genius.  This is truly “meeting people where they are at” instead of trying to force people 100% out of their comfort zone when it comes to trying something new to them.  This method of Eddie being able to literally go all over the place and “transform” into the different foods of the region caused me to proclaim Eddie the “Vegan Food Chameleon”.

Eddie also realizes that not everyone is blessed with great culinary skills (ok, so who am I kidding, some people like me have ZERO culinary skills) and so he introduced us on the show to some EASY items, including what I call the “Two Minute Cheese” or it’s proper name: “Almond Queso Cotija“.  You blend together: Almonds, Salt, Nutritional Yeast and Lime Juice and in less than two (2) minutes, BOOM, you have your cheese!!!

Here is the video for the Almond Queso Cotija

Eddie also comes to the rescue with some great “go-to meals” for boosting energy throughout the day, recovering from a long weekend and just plain phenomenal meals and explains the incredible benefits of each: 

Eddie also advises to go to the Humane Society‘s page to get even more great recipes: Click Here

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