Chef James Corwell and how his “Aha Moment” is making waves


Chef James “Jimmy” Corwell experienced a profound “Aha Moment” that has led him down a path to creating an incredible product that will serve as a cornerstone of saving our Oceans, Environment and our Health among many other benefits.  You see, he already has achieved, through very hard work great achievements and accolades and could have stayed on his path of his culinary career.  Chef Corwell has the great distinction of being just one (1) of sixty-eight (68) Certified Master Chefs and was awarded “Best New Chef” and “Best New Restaurant” in 2010.  His career also included working internationally training others and with over thirty (30) years of his life involved in many places and facets of culinary and training, it would be perfectly understandable if he just “stayed the course” and continue doing what he had always been doing (and doing well).  However, it seemed that life had actually been preparing him and leading him to experience his “Aha Moment” and then proceed on a new and unchartered path to make a HUGE difference.

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Chef Corwell was visiting the Tsukiji Fish Market one morning, a large fish market where tuna from all over the World was brought to be sold in two (2) big warehouses, each the size of a football field.  Now, as you can imagine all the other people in attendance just viewed this as a huge market with lots of choices of tuna for them to buy and take back to their respective locations.  He saw something different: he saw an incredible amount of fish that had been removed from the ocean, then he had the “Aha Moment” which was “Wow, this happens every day with this MANY Tuna, how can our Oceans sustain this?”  He came to the conclusion: “Our Oceans can NOT sustain this, something must be done”.  So, he now had his “WHY” in life and so he set out to develop his “HOW”.

Chefs need to be the leaders in the industry of creating plantbased products to save the environment

Chef Corwell’s “HOW” turned out to be utilizing his vast experience working with food and with his experience in “food innovation” and creating something to replace the Tuna.  His result:  Ahimi™, a plant-based alternative to raw tuna, for use in dishes including sashimi, nigiri, poke, tartare and ceviche.”  

This change has been a different chapter for me…Ahimi™ is my baby, it allows me to affect change on a really big scale

Now, here is one of the coolest parts about this result: Ahimi™ is made out of tomatoes, YES, tomatoes.  We talk about this during our podcast and the unique challenges that presented themselves, obviously there is the challenge of making it look, feel and taste just like Tuna and then there was the next challenge: production.  He couldn’t just contract out any processing facility to do this for his company because it is totally new and unique and so that had to be built from scratch as well.  I know I speak for all of us when I say: “Thank you Chef Corwell for your perseverance and not letting challenges prevent you from accomplishing your task”.  I am reminded of Viktor Frankl’s statement: “If someone has a big enough “WHY” they can find their “HOW”.  So, Ocean Hugger Foods ( Visit Them Here)  was created and we now have Ahimi™ which is getting ready to be released soon nationwide and available now as the “Ahimi Poke Bowl” on Veestro (Click Here).

Guess what?  The story of what Chef Corwell is doing gets EVEN better!  Chef Corwell and everyone at Ocean Hugger Foods is continuing to move forward with their mission and they are working on products to replace Eel:



and to replace Salmon:

So, go check out everything Chef Corwell and his team at Ocean Hugger Foods (Visit Here) are working on and to find out all the places you can support and enjoy these products as they are released.  You can also follow on Facebook:

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