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You know those times in life that you talk with someone that you can instantly tell has a LOT of drive for what they’re doing and want to accomplish?  Well, just a few seconds into a conversation with Erin Fergus.  Erin aka Fergielicious came on the VeganTourGuide Podcast to share her story of going to a Plantbased – Vegan lifestyle and the conversation quickly turned to her passion for bodybuilding AND showing the WORLD that you can develop your body to it’s fullest potential being Plantbased – Vegan and compete at the highest level.  

Erin has undergone amazing transitions with her body from this photo from March 2013:

Erin talks in the Podcast about her Training Regimen and hard work to transform herself into accomplishing something that to her knowledge NO OTHER Plantbased – Vegan Bodybuilder has done: she placed first (1st) in: WNBF Fit Body AND OCB Women’s Physique and in doing so secured a Pro Card in EACH of these!  Incredible accomplishment and an awesome platform that she uses to show others that you CAN compete (and WIN) at these extreme levels while living a Plantbased – Vegan Lifestyle.

As you can see, the power of plants IS working!  She keeps on bringing home the serious hardware from her shows and as she discusses in the podcast, she is finding this is a great way to influence others and that is always a win-win for sure.


Erin loves helping others with their fitness goals (her profession is also to educate, inspire and train others).  Many thanks for Erin coming on the show and continuing to follow her passion and along the way inspire many others!

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