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So, here in my local area of Charlotte, NC, I routinely hear the phrase: “Have you met so-and-so yet?  You MUST get this person on your podcast”.  Well, this is what I kept hearing about Kacie Smagacz.  I kept having people in “multiple circles” bring her up to me and so I told myself, I MUST meet Kacie and interview her for the podcast and I am very thankful that I did.  As you know, my podcast and website are designed to discuss Plantbased – Vegan related items and provide information for ALL people, no matter where they might be on their journey.  


Kacie is one of those people that brings passion and and a sense or purpose to her life and the lives of those people she encounters.  She runs a business, stays active in the community, gives back to a local school to make sure these children have healthy lunches since the school’s cafeteria is deemed unfit for use and the school doesn’t have the funds to fix and supply food, and as if that isn’t enough, she’s now starting a group called “Food Justice Isn’t Just Us” and here is how she describes it: 

If you care about food deserts, if you care about transparency with the FDA, if you study nutrition and it runs in your veins and excites you, if you teach, if you have had loved ones health deteriorate by pseudo foods, if you are a farmer or caretaker of land or animals…if you care about our community, you are welcome. We will have a time for people to share top concerns when it comes to food, hunger, etc…and a time for people to share ideas they have been thinking about to take action to solve problems. I’ll provide some snacks and all are welcome to bring something to share.

I am glad to know there are people with passion and grit in the world today like Kacie.  She is determined to make a difference to help others and I for one find that refreshing.  

As you scroll through the blog posts on her website: Move That Dough Baking you will see constant references to different charities or events that she is either involved with organizing, creating or just giving to them and then you’ll find her other blog posts full of nutritional information that you can apply.  




Here is an example of one of her blog posts:

Food. Let’s talk about it. Food is defined as something that provides NOURISHMENT to the body. So what nourishes you? Are you being nourished? Are you eating real food that gives you life or are you putting fake food into your body and expecting good results? For example, did you know that most corn has been so genetically modified that it is classified as a PESTICIDE and not produce? And corn is the basis for a LOT in our food! When our owner, Kacie, started educating herself on real nutrition a few years back, she had no idea what an uphill battle it can be in the USA to find REAL food and to be able to afford it. As always, it starts with the rich. Those who can afford must demand change, and a way must be made for real food to be reclaimed as what’s affordable and accessible to the mass population. Is this sustainable? Not at this rate. It’s two-fold. We need to cut back, and we need to extend out. We have only grown more and more indulgent, with portion sizes becoming bigger, as if it’s better and not more risky for your heart and cells…oh, and your world. We demand food faster. We demand more of it. But there are more of us. Our plate sizes have increased. Our population has increased. So have our appetites for consuming…in a lot of ways. Cut back. Go ahead and take the risk. If the problem is supply and demand, we must demand what we need…Real food. Are you healthy and filling your body with nutrients or are you overweight but paradoxically mal-NOURISHed? Nourish yourself. If it isn’t giving something good to your body, cut back on it. In every area, we must press into what is life-giving to us. After all, isn’t living the point of being alive? Don’t kill yourself for your appetite. If you want a reward, you can always special order some flourless black bean protein brownies from Move That Dough 😉

So, go check out Kacie’s site and if you’re in Charlotte, you MUST try some of her stuff, I will attest that it tastes AWESOME (as I mentioned in the podcast, I admit my guilt that I ate multiple desserts at the Humane League Gala recently). Thanks Kacie for all you do!


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