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Shabaka Amen, creator of “Plantfit Boot Camp”, a one of a kind Plantbased – Vegan Fitness camp, has been a great friend and encourager to me for years.  Shabaka and I first met when I began my Plantbased – Vegan Lifestyle journey and I knew that I wanted to surround myself with people that I knew could help me, including finding a fitness coach that could do this and I was introduced to Shabaka.  I went to him seeking fitness gains and I gained so much more due to his approach to HOW we should all train and fuel the body.  He incorporates SO much besides “hit the ground and give me fifty (50) pushups”!  Shabaka stresses the importance of transforming the mind through a technique he developed called: “Innercise Meditation” and how this is how and where we make these gains we are looking for in our body.  He describes “Innercise Meditation” as: 

“A Fitness of stillness training system designed to reduce and eliminate stress!  “IM” is also the missing mind-body fitness training system for achieving your full health and well-being, fitness performance and body image potential.  In the “IM” state, you’ll have the ability to communicate with your body’s mind/subconscious and download new belief-feeling patterns about your body that are beneficial, congruent and supportive of your body goals!”

Listen to the Podcast that Shabaka and I had:  

Here is more information about Shabaka:

Shabaka Amen is the creator of the PlantFit​ Gym™ and owner of PlantFit Charlotte Bootcamp™, Charlotte’s 1st Plant-Based Fitness Bootcamp.  He’s a thought-leader and pioneer of a new category called ‘Plant-Based Fitness Training’.  

Shabaka is a certified personal trainer and Lifestyle Performance Coach.  He is the owner of the Body Of Your Dreams Personal Training Studio in the NoDa area of Charlotte, which has been operating since January 2006.

Shabaka Amen’s journey into fitness began in Atlantic City, NJ at the age of five when he fell in love with exercise.  His childhood passion evolved into his life’s purpose and professional career in 1998 after obtaining certifications as a personal trainer through IFPA and AFAA.

During the summer of 2014, Shabaka released and self-published his 1st eBook titled the “Costco Healthy Foods Shopping Guide.”  He is the creator and host of an iTunes podcast titled, “Celebrity Vegan Radio”.

As Charlotte’s 1st Vegan Personal Trainer, Shabaka led a 7-day Vegan Challenge and Vegan Foods Tour LIVE on the Charlotte Today show with host Colleen Odegaard.  Shabaka has been vegan for 27 years and has served as a speaker, coach, and certified personal fitness trainer for 17 years in the fitness and wellness industry.  

As a public speaker, Shabaka was an invited speaker at Charlotte Veg Fest 2013, and spoke as a panelist at the National Black Girl’s Run Conference in 2013.  Mr. Amen has spoken at several luncheons for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, and conducted ‘Lunch and Learn’ talks for Merrill Lynch and Sonic Automotive corporations.

His life’s work has been devoted to serving people, by helping them experience breakthrough results in health and well-being, fitness performance, and body image.

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