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If you want to talk to someone with a lot of energy and passion about what she is doing in life, then look up Michelle Cehn and all the great things she’s got going on.  Michelle has an awesome website World Of Vegan “Your Window to the Vegan World” and here she displays a wealth of information ranging from Recipes (if you make it just 30 seconds into viewing the recipes without having the incredible urge to make one of her recipes immediately, then you have herculean strength my friend) to her videos (she has created a LOT of cool videos…as in several hundred a lot) to her BLOG and then information about book and products she recommends, I told you it’s a wealth of information and an incredible resource.

Michelle joined me for an episode of the VeganTourGuide Podcast, see it here: 

and it was awesome talking with her about her journey and the “WHY” in the many things she does to help spread the word about Plantbased – Vegan Living and Compassion for animals and something awesome about Michelle is her way of making things simplistic, which I loved.  For instance, She mentions that a piece of advice she gives people transitioning into a Plantbased – Vegan Diet is to ease into it.  Take your morning cereal for example: she advises using a mixture of half cow’s milk and half of soy or almond milk and then gradually throughout the week start moving the percentages heavier to more Plantbased Product and less Cow’s Milk until, BOOM,  you’re dairy free!  Yeah!  She even applied this same principle to this video called “Draw My LIfe A Cow in Today’s Dairy Industry” because she wanted to find a way that pointed out the plight of animals in the industry, however do it without a lot of graphic “real footage” that often is put in front of people that most people immediately turn off as soon as the first graphic pictures emerge.

Michelle also has a book that she co-authored with her friend and super cool podcast guest recently Toni Okamoto entitled “The Friendly Vegan Cookbook: Vegan-Friendly Recipes for Everyone Get the Book Here.

Here is some more information from Michelle’s website to give you a deeper look into her background and ways she is being active and spreading the message:

World of Vegan founder Michelle Cehn has been working to make change for farmed animals since she first went vegetarian more than 20 years ago, at the age of 8. She now works to inspire positive change through her upbeat videos, photography, and creative activism.

Michelle has reached millions through her creative, relatable, and engaging vegan YouTube videos, is a recognized personality and speaker within the vegan movement, and has worked with many leading nonprofit organizations including Farm Sanctuary, Mercy for Animals, Vegan Outreach, PETA, and PCRM. 

Michelle is a Co-Creator for The Dairy Detox Program that is designed to help people get off of dairy in just twelve (12) days by guiding you through this process giving you support, information and guidance on this change.  You can find out more by visiting the website: The Dairy Detox Program and here is her video explaining the program in more detail: 

So, as you can see, Michelle stays BUSY, actually the true word to use there is PRODUCTIVE.  In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, you can reach Michelle at:

MichelleCehn.com and Youtube Channel 

Instagram: Instagram.com/Vegan or Instagram.com/worldofvegan or Instagram.com/michellecehn

Twitter: Twitter.com/michellecehn

and a couple of great organizations she helps out with: VeganCuts and VeganOutreach

Thanks Michelle for ALL you do!


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