Curt Albright: His journey of discovering his passion and mission


curt albright, humane league of charlotteSo, one of the things I love the most about my VeganTourGuide Podcast is hearing people’s stories of their journey and Curt Albright has a very important story of discovering his passion and mission in life.  You see, Curt “had it all”, great job, a lot of money, freedom to do and have practically anything he wanted or as he even jokingly referred to it to me during one of our conversations: “Money, Power and Greed”.  


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Yet, he realized somewhere in the middle of all the “I have it all”, there was something missing.  Curt then began a search to find out what was missing.  He began to make personal changes and noticed that his life was “him focused” and that when he did things for others, he felt his joy growing and he felt himself growing, growing to a level that previously the ”dream job with dream money” hadn’t taken him to.  Curt at the same time was also meeting with all different types of doctors to discuss health issues and how to solve these issues and on one occasion, he had an appointment with a sleep doctor.  Now, the last thing he thought would happen while he was visiting with the sleep doctor was an a change in his life, however a thorough conversation with this doctor, lead to him recommending the book: “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Furhman and so Curt started changing his eating habits.  During this same time in his life, Curt was also seeking to better understand the spiritual side to life and this led to his reading a book by Andrew Harvey that challenged him to ask himself: “What breaks your heart the most”.  Curt’s immediate answer: Seeing ANY type of cruelty to animals.  Curt now knew WHAT he had been searching for in life: his passion for animals and ending their cruelty.  

So Curt began to look into how he could become involved and make a difference.  Curt went ALL-IN and started reaching out and speaking with anyone he could talk to about ways to get involved and research.  He traveled and attended multiple conferences and as his knowledge grew, so did his passion.  Curt became involved with a local grassroots animal rights group and eventually through connections, became a major driving force for the opening of a Humane League Chapter in Charlotte, NC.  



Curt then also took his energy towards becoming involved with and fueling growth for the local Charlotte VegFest and in the last few years has seen the venue go from an outdoor parking lot with a few hundred people attending to this year’s event at a large Civic Center with a target goal of Five Thousand (5,000) or MORE in attendance!


While Curt and I were talking during the podcast, he said something that resonated with me that I thought was a very insightful statement: “His world was getting smaller and smaller (while he was centered on himself and how much money he was making and his job, etc) and now it’s the opposite, his world is getting BIGGER and BIGGER”.  It’s always great to see what happens in our lives when we find ways to give to the world and increase our compassion and see that ironically enough, the more we focus outside of ourselves, the more we grow internally.  Curt recommended a great video on Youtube by Phillip Wollen which I will post here and it is a MUST watch!  The video is only ten (10) minutes long, however the speech Phillip gives last much longer.


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