Vegans Are Invading Canada….


Canada is being overrun, however as this article by Quentin Stuckey highlights, it’s the opening of the very first vegan – plant based restaurant in Canada and that is a good thing.  Slowly but surely the “health tide” is rolling into a place near you.  I love seeing the growing plant based – vegan restaurant scene, it makes it easier for others to adopt this eating lifestyle which in turn benefits everything in multiple positive ways.

Healthy eating is becoming more and more of a commodity in these troubling times. Variety and abundance of food is awash in our Western culture, but that doesn’t mean that everyone’s dietary needs are being fully met.

Eating meat is as much of a choice as not eating meat, and there are lots of vegetarian options both in restaurants and grocery stores. However, many of us believe so strongly in animal rights that we choose to go vegan, which means not consuming any animal products whatsoever including meat, seafood and dairy products. Vegans unfortunately tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to affordable and versatile eating options.

Vegan food options and products tend to be both limited and expensive, making veganism a difficult diet, but one which is desirable for better health and ultimately left to personal beliefs. Believe it or not, vegans and vegetarians crave high fat and high protein food as much as your average eater. Fast food cravings are not limited to meat eaters, nor should they be! Western style vegan cuisine is becoming more of an option with the introduction of all vegan restaurants.


Just recently in downtown London, Ontario, an all vegan fast food restaurant called Globally Local has opened, making it the first all vegan fast food restaurant to open in all of Canada. Originally a food truck operation, Globally Local has now decided to offer their vegan dishes on a wider basis thanks to their new restaurant.

According to AM980, the co-owner James McInnes expressed the restaurant’s desire to end the stigma surrounding the vegan diet. He went on to say, “a lot of people think that vegan or gluten free food is really expensive and it’s a speciality kind of thing…but you can get a combo from us for less than $10 just like you would at any other fast food joint.”

The menu consists of signature fast food including pulled pork, poutine, chilli cheese fries, breakfast sandwiches, burgers and regular fries, but made with all natural, vegan ingredients. Their signature vegan burger is made from chickpeas and spices but also has traditional Big Mac-eqsue toppings including lettuce, tomatoes, onions and secret sauce. With the ingredients being one hundred percent vegan and the menu being one hundred percent traditional, this restaurant is certain to be a hit with vegans as well as the Canadian public. Check out the restaurant’s official website for more information


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