Rocking Blueberry Pie!

Rocking Blueberry Pie
Simply a ridiculously good and healthy pie that is sure to please everyone!
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  1. 185 g Vegan Butter, Six *6) Egg Substitute (or 3 tbsp ground flaxseed & 3 tbsp water PER EGG), 1 One (1) Cup Self Rising Flour, Two (2) Tbsp Ground Cinnamon, Four (4) and 1/2 Cups Ground Almonds, One (1) and 1/3 Cups Sugar (Note if you want to use sweetener instead of sugar, then add additional 1/4 cup almonds and 1/4 cup flour), Eight (8) Ripe Plums (halved and pitted), One (1) Cup Blueberries
  1. (1) Place the Butter and Sugar (or sugar substitute) in a bowl and whisk
  2. (2) Add your egg replacers, whisk,
  3. (3) Place this into a greased and lined ten (10) inch cake tin
  4. (4) Place your plums and blueberries on top (get your creativity game on here, lol)
  5. (5) Sprinkle your sugar or substitute on top
  6. (6) Bake at 320 F for Two (2) Hours OR Until the Middle firms up
  7. (7) Let it cool
  8. (8) Boom! Serve and Enjoy!
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