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So, I leaned on my great friend, Mark Clackum, one that truly knows much about anything, especially since he literally reads a book a day and has read more books than most lifelong librarians have touched in their lies.  He and I were discussing brain activity and “brain hacking” and part of our conversation came back to the importance of glucose for optimal brain function and so here is some info shared that I thought would be of benefit to others on how to “power up our brain with glucose”:

“We need to remember the basic that all food is converted to glucose and the optimal plan is to eat about 2400 calories every twelve (12) hours out of twenty-four (24) hours, thus leaving a twelve (12) hour gap where you eat nothing allowing your liver and kidneys the time to do their job.  Eat 200 calories an hour or 400 every other hour, however DEFINITELY make sure you’ve consumed 600 every three (3) hours.  You should NOT go more than three (3) hours without food and in doing so, this will keep glucose in your liver which in turn makes sure glucose is in your bloodstream for your prefrontal cortex to consume.  As far as types of foods to consume, in studying nutrient timing as it relates to the bodies circadian rhythm, I think it’s best to have high fat and sufficient protein for most of the day and get your largest dose of carbs as your last meal.  You want to make sure there is plenty of fiber to go along with your carbs and anything with more sugar content than an apple should be avoided, berries are a great source.  A handful of nuts every hour or two is a no-brainer….pardon the pun.  Leafy green veggies like arugula (made famous by steve martin in his film “My Blue Heaven”), cabbage, lettuce and kale or even some lentils and quinoa for dinner.”

So there was his take on maximizing our glucose levels for brain activity….now that he’s shared some of his “secrets”, I’ll be throwing back some berries and almonds every time he and I talk so I can keep up in our conversations.

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