My “One Thing” for Health and Wellness


My “One Thing”

I get asked frequently: “So what thing did you do to lose weight and get in the shape that you’re in and create you level of Health and Wellness?” The curious part is that typically they are assuming (insert also the word hoping) that my answer will be short and sweet such as: “I started dieting, I started working out, I started taking some dietary supplements, etc”. My answer isn’t that simple, just the same that any time we want TRUE changes and RESULTS in our lives, that answer won’t be simple. Now don’t worry, just because something isn’t “simple” doesn’t mean it is impossible, just that you need a plan, goals and willingness to put for the effort.

So here are some of the ingredients I have added to my life, or as I like to call “spokes on my wheel of life” since a wheel has multiple spokes and won’t work with just one (1) spoke, just like your life has multiple moving parts and so you have to pay attention to all of these parts/spokes when you are working to be the best you possible.


  • I switched to a Plant Based Diet. Yes, I went “all-in” and went Vegan. I naturally lost weight and slimmed down when I went Vegan, simply because so much of the contributing factors to weight gain (not to mention illness and so many other adverse side effects) come from a typical “western diet” heavily focused on meat and dairy. Now, I strongly believe though that many positive factors can come to your life if you just switch up some of your meals each week to Plant Based aka Vegetarian or Vegan. You don’t have to go “all-in” like I did, you’d be amazed at the positive changes you will see when you just substitute a few meals a week. You can find information and recipes at
  • I switched my vitamins and supplements to being specifically designed for me. If you look at “traditional” multi-vitamins and supplements, it says we should all take two (2) multi-vitamins, two (2) vitamin C, etc. My nutritional needs and your needs I assure you are NOT exactly the same, so why are we told to take the EXACT same dosages of vitamins and supplements? What if you are on medications that actually secretly rob your body of needed vitamins that you need to know to supplement and replenish? (Example Lipitor draining your CoQ10 and the need to UP you CoQ10 Supplement). You can take a free assessment just like I did here: Click Here and view your specifically tailored vitamin suggestions. (Just click in the upper right corner where it says “Free Assessment”.
  • I increased my mediation periods. As I’ve studied more and experienced more (is this just a comforting way of saying as I’ve aged, LOL) I’ve definitely seen the proof of the benefits of meditation. We all want to focus on our physical body, however we forget to focus on healing and nurturing our mental and emotional body and this can be readily achieved through meditation. I have experienced with guided mediations, breath focused meditations, tai chi and most recently Transcendental Meditation (TM) and I have really grown to like TM and invite you to look into it. You can find out more information here: TM.Org.

So, these are just a few of the “spokes on the wheel” that I use to continue to work towards a Health and Wellness balance in my life and overall growth. I hope you find something beneficial within this post and please feel free to visit my site for more information at:

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